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First of all I have to apologize about my english - it is not the best. I hope it doesn't matter. I practice here on tumblr! :) I started this blog because of my diet. But it becomes the story (of the moments) of my life.
Life is too short to waste it unnecessary things. Follow the way what God gave You. Love the people who are beside You. Work for your happiness.
I like this little rotating Earth and the cute, cool things what tumblr sais about our planet and makes it popular!

Not bad, tumblr guys! 


His face OMG…

Alba Violet Bale - sweet little Madridista!

aww, my heart is melting!!
RM WAGs :)

"This is for you! We missed you yesterday. We will forgive you in Lisbon ;)"

omG, how much I love Carlota and anyway all the Real Madrid WAGs!! 
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